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I am a highly-experienced IT technician with a strong background in technical support growing his experience towards a larger management roll. I pride himself on high quality customer service with a focus on fast response and high closure rates. With over ten years’ experience in small to medium sized businesses in a variety of industries, I have developed a well-rounded skill-set and can easily adapt quickly to changes both expected and unexpected situations and the ever changes in business requirements.
I am often complimented on my friendly, easy going and polite nature, and for the enthusiasm and dedication I bring to each new job. Colleges often look to me for help and guidance in many situations and it’s not unusual for me to build a strong, long lasting, professional relationships with my colleges and fellow employees.


I’m a very approachable person with a great sense of humour, who jumps to lend a helping hand. I am a very loyal and dedicated professional that takes great pride in my work.

Highly Motivated
I’m a highly motivated individual whom is energised from within. I also take great pride in my work and hate to leave a job half done.

Fast Learner
As you will know the IT industry is constantly evolving, which is why I do too. I am keen to embrace new technology to changing business requirements or industry demands as my experience in the banking industry has taught me.

Team Dynamics
I feel empowered in a team environment and approach our responsibilities and goals with drive and ambition. I take direction well, though with my friendly nature, I can motivate and encourage those around me to succeed. Running my own, one-on-one support business in my down time though has shown me that I have no problems working autonomously.

Customer Service
High quality customer service is the most important aspect of my work. As opposed to “simply fixing” a problem for a client, I believe that a friendly smile and helpful coaching through to resolution, builds confidence and promotes proactive self-help of end-users. It’s very rewarding when I can alleviate a client’s frustration.

Problem Solving
Working in a support role has taught me to be result driven and to approach all problems from as many angles as possible. If I can’t solve a problem on my own, I’m found to be very resourceful in my research. This approach means I work well with service level agreements.

I have had stacks of hands on experience with the inner workings of servers, desktops, laptops, printers, mobile phones and tablet devices. I can troubleshoot and diagnose a lot of issues on-site, saving organisations from the difficulty associated with return to vendor warranties.

Desktops Software
I have extensive experience with Windows desktop operating systems; including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and growing experience with Windows 8.

Servers Software
I have installation and functionality exposure in Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 operating systems including Active Directory, group policies and Internet Information Server (IIS). I have worked extensively with Windows SBS 2008 (Small Business Server) including Exchange 2007. I also have had limited usage with Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008 R2 and can perform mailbox and distribution list management in Microsoft Exchange 2003 and 2010. I’m confident using VMware virtualisation infrastructure servers (vSphere) and numerous other specialised software including Ultradata Core Banking Server and TransLogix OPAL to name some. I can navigate around IBM’s AIX operating system and utilise “UniVerse” database server.

I have diverse experience with the Microsoft Office suites 2000 through to 2013. I am quite strong in my use of Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, PowerPoint, Visio, Access and OneNote. I have also recently started providing support for Microsoft Dynamics AX used as a purchasing and finance solution. I am also familiar with Adobe Creative Suite, helpdesk solutions such as Layton ServiceDesk and other custom implementations.

I have significant exposure to HTML and CSS, and have also worked with content management systems such as Joomla and Wordpress. And I have varying degrees of knowledge with ASP, PHP, Java Script and VBA.

I have hands on experience with LAN and WAN networks across local branches and interstate offices. I’m regularly on-site to perform routine maintenance, replacement and installations. I have worked with common protocols such as DCHP, HTTP, FTP and DNS to name a few.


Southern Corss University
Master of Information Technology Management

Google Cloud Certified in G Suite (2019)
Google Certified Associate - G Suite Administrator (2017)

Architecting with Google Cloud Platform - Coursera

Certificate IV in Information Technology (Network Management) with Distinction
Certificate IV in Information Technology (Client Support) with Distinction
Certificate IV in Project Management

Employment History

Infrastructure Manager - Contactor for 1 year and counting
Promoted to a full-time position and given greater responsibility to oversee the cloud infrastructure of our clients and own shared hosting. The role also includes the managing of projects for our hosting customers.

Support Manager - Contactor for 1 year 4 months
Contacted to help bring stability and consistency within the support department for a web development company during its recent rapid growth to ensure that customers received fast and efficient responses. With a focus towards the company’s existing hosting customers and growing the Google services customer base.
During this role the focus has been on the hosting infrastructure including implementation of an R1sort automated backup solution and system monitoring with stackdriver. As they are Google Cloud Partners this has included training with Google Cloud Platform and certification with Google G Suite.

IT Technician - Contractor for 4 years
After leaving my last full time employment I have been completing various contractor jobs on the Mid North Coast. Major works have included;
IBM/Westpac – Part of the nationwide rollout of new IT hardware at several branches.
HP Australia – Printer rollout for Ramsay Health and Harvey Norman.
Bendigo bank - Local technician for computer and network rollout, additional hardware installs decommissioning
bcu – Completed major hardware rollout to several stores and helped with reducing the outstanding helpdesk tickets by over 70%. Also, have completed work for custom touchscreen kiosk software build.
StarTrack Express – Part of the pilot data migration project as the onsite technician during the planning and implementation phases, this included hardware deployment and site training.
Maritime NSW – Multiple site hardware audit for the merging of government departments. Provided as the onsite technician for the replacement network and VOIP rollout.
JB HiFi – As an onsite technician providing regular site health checks and hardware rollouts.
Medibank Private – PC Replacement for local office.
Bupa Aged Care - Multiple site hardware audit for the overhaul of all IT equipment in 2016. Competed large scale hardware replacement for several sites after the audit process was completed.

IT Manager for 1 year 11 months
This role was created to allow IT services to be managed internally for the roughly 40 staff located in 4 offices around Australia. The position covered all aspects of IT from internal support to system management and guidance for the company moving forward with new technology.

During my appointment, I facilitated and executed the relocation of 3 local sites into a single site with 2 building. This included relocation of core systems and staff. The implemented core policies to IT services including an internal SLA, centralised support communications and a 12-month technology roadmap plan for the company. My troubleshooting skills have resolved several chronic nightmares issues within the company including regular server stability issues, regularly failing backups and a non-existent electronic security policy. Also, implemented a custom internal messages system including video conferencing between sites. And facilitated the introduction of a new company website designed by a third-party and managed by marketing. A lot of my time was devoted to user training and support for the internal staff who had no previous training and understanding of the capabilities and possibilities of existing software solutions, this allowed for existing systems to be utilised efficiently.

IT Support Engineer for 1 year 2 months
Employed to manage and maintain the IT support queue for the over 300 computer users and over 700 mobile devices across the company; spanning 33 different sites in four states. Not only being the primary contact for all support but to ensure that the support queue was maintained, during my employment the que maintain the lowest outstanding tickets average of the last several years.

Other duties included several site relocations and provide remote training and guides. Management of IT spare stock and hardware deployment. Also, conducted core system backup processing and redundant systems checks and testing.

IT Support Officer for 4 years 7 months
Started as level 1 and hardware support and quickly moved into level 2 and onsite support for all areas including branch hardware, core banking system and other applications. During this time, I maintained the highest support ticket closure rate. I also covered weekend and public holiday after hours’ support, sometimes including vital day to day processing.

Along with my support duties I was the main IT resource for two Telstra network upgrades and the VOIP telephone system implantation. I became the primary IT officer for opened and relocated branches, I successfully completed over half a dozen branches; including software and hardware configuration / install. Included in my duties was to conduct maintenance and updates to both the primary website and the internet banking solution. I also completed several projects implementing new technologies into the branch network which allowed access to new services for members. As part of the IT team I had to run important end of month, end of year and end of financial year processing vital to the running of the business.